Psychotherapy, coaching, meditation and breathwork in Marylebone & Chelsea

About Elaine

Elaine Slater is a psychologist, psychotherapeutic counsellor and coach known for her highly intuitive, empathic and compassionate approach. Lifestyle challenges, health problems and emotional wellness issues are tackled in a directive and solution-based method.

Elaine holds an MA in psychology and a diploma in psychotherapeutic counselling. She is a registered therapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy and is a certified life coach and neuro-linguistic practitioner, with over 15 year’s experience in clinical practice. 

Elaine provides the tools to become emotionally aware and self-reflective in order to develop inner intelligence that echoes one’s own values. As well as sensitive talking therapy, Elaine offers a toolbox that includes meditation, breathwork and lifestyle change advice that can each assist with recovery and self-development.

She helps people transform their lives, guiding her clients towards a place of more conscious awareness so they might lead a more purposeful life.