Elaine is collaborating with Bamford Haybarn Spa in the Cotswolds. Bringing her expertise and innate understanding to Gloucestershire, the newly conceived Mind Matters Clinic is the first programme dedicated to mental wellness that Bamford has introduced and furthers its commitment to wellbeing.

With her deeply intuitive approach, The Mind Matters Clinic offers a bespoke, immersive experience curated to facilitate deep and powerful transformation in thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Elaine’s sessions invite interaction, exploration and thoughtful reflection; supporting a mindful journey tailored to a client’s needs and concerns.

Whether it is time to recalibrate, revive, refresh or re-boot, The Mind Matters Clinic will guide you to deepen your understanding of who you are, process how you feel, regain perspective, harness your inner wisdom to increase self-awareness and foster an overall sense of meaningful wellbeing.

The Bamford Haybarn Spa is a dedicated centre of wellbeing based in Gloucestershire at Daylesford Farm. With an emphasis on nurturing the mind, body and spirit, they have a heartfelt connection with nature, which runs through everything they do. find out more

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Elaine is also based at her private practice in Marylebone, and Viva Mayr on Harley Street London.

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