Elaine has formed a unique partnership with internationally renowned Viva Mayr Medical Clinic Austria. Viva Mayr enjoys a worldwide following of health-conscious devotees. The Viva Mayr approach combines natural therapies with state-of-the-art medical diagnostics and treatments.

True to the teachings of Modern Mayr Medicine that are based on the work of Dr. F.X. Mayr, Viva Mayr London offers a customised therapy programme centred around the overall state and performance capacity of our digestive tract.

Mayr specialists have a proven track record in treating conditions endemic to modern living including: stress related burnout, insomnia, allergies and immune system deficiencies.

Elaine is a passionate advocate of the view that the human gut is our second brain. She believes a healthy digestive system and how the gut and brain interact is fundamental to our mental wellness.

Emotional memory is stored in many places in the body, not just in the brain. We all recognise that our physical body can be impacted by the emotions we experience, and this can be the cause of many health problems. When troubling emotions are repressed or not fully expressed they are stored in glands, organs, tissues and cells.

In many cases, in order to manage stress, anxiety and depression, these unexpressed emotions need to be accessed, expressed, integrated and healed. Harvard research suggests that patients with GI conditions had greater improvement in conjunction with psychological therapy to reduce stress or treat anxiety or depression.

Elaine works at a deep level with unexpressed psychological and emotional distress which manifests itself in the body as pain or illness. In particular, she focuses her attention on the gastrointestinal tract as a gateway to a wide array of mental wellness issues.

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Elaine is also based at her private practice in Marylebone, and Bamford Haybarn Spa in the Cotswolds.

Elaine Slater - Viva Mayr Clinic