Psychotherapy, coaching, meditation and breathwork in Marylebone & Chelsea
I feel blessed to have met Elaine. She’s an extraordinary woman - compassionate, kind, patient and loving. We have been on a journey together and she has been there for me through thick and thin. Elaine has given me confidence and taught me how to love myself, and I have now arrived at a much better place.
— Leticia

Elaine is an incredible person. She is intuitive, insightful, an astonishingly positive life force. She helped me in so many ways - at a time when I was losing sight of myself, Elaine shone a light that showed me the way out of the darkness. This has inspired profound change in my personal relationships, my relationship with myself and also in my professional life. She did this in such a positive, inspirational, motivational and energetic way that it was impossible to stay feeling lost and lonely. Meeting Elaine changed my life immeasurably from heading towards a place of deep unhappiness to now living a conscious, happy, motivated and successful life. I can never thank her enough. I look forward to continuing the incredibly exciting journey of the life she has inspired me to create, safe in the knowledge she is there any time I might need her.
— Sarah

At Quintessentially our recommendations have to be the best of the best, which is why I’ve chosen Elaine as our preferred partner for all counselling related enquiries. She has a wealth of experience, is extremely compassionate which shines through within seconds of conversation, and most importantly she is effective at driving results. We’ve had an abundance of positive feedback on her services and is recommended by us with full confidence.
— Lenai Despins, Partner Liaison Manager, Quintessentially

I have worked with Elaine for the past three years and have referred many patients to her. She is truly wonderful and has helped every single one of my patients find clarity, happiness and a positive path. Elaine’s loyal and devoted patients are testimony to her expertise and dedication. In my opinion, there is no one better.
— Dr Amy Bibby, Head of Medical, Grace Belgravia

When I first came to Elaine I was suffering from problems I could hardly recognise and felt ruled by an intense despondency due to my depleted life condition which seemed impossible to shift. Through Elaine’s patience and love I have found strength and courage to face my past emotional insecurities and build a vibrant and glowing life force day by day. Elaine reflects back all the positive things I wish for myself, allowing me to build the confidence to finish my second year on a challenging BA course with brilliant results. Elaine’s compassion and integrity as an inspirational therapist has given me the gift of self-understanding and self- worth in ways I wouldn’t have imagined possible before our work together; I am eternally grateful.
— Lauren

I continue to feel blessed and somewhat saved to have found Elaine at a point where everything was beginning to feel like it was turning upside down. She has become a hugely important part of my life and she constantly inspires me with her love, kindness and courage. She makes me braver. She has gone above and beyond to watch over me and has also helped me develop my own coping mechanisms during times when my history has come back to haunt me in rather dramatic and scary ways. I love her philosophy that everything is a lesson, and that positivity can be taken from even the darkest moments of our experience. I love her sense of humour, how we often laugh during sessions, and how it feels more like a continued conversation between two people rather than being assessed. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have met Elaine, and have to say I see her also as a dear friend as well as my therapist.
— Aurora